Our Lodge opened its door in Hakuba, Japan, in December 2017.


However, the project is born in 2015 while a snowboard trip. It was our first big trip hunting for powder and we discovered Hakuba by chance.


That week of riding changed our all perception of snowboarding and actually our lifes: 3 meters of snow in 7 days, endless tree runs, big backcountry lines, amazing food, warm people and such an unique culture… This was our new home !


We found a little house in the forest, a mystical place, where we decided to settle down and create a project : “The Bohemians’ Shelter”: a refuge for passionate riders that are traveling the world, chasing powder.



Stocked about snowboarding since I was 5 years old, moving to japan has been a major choice of life and by far the best I did ! 


Suits do not fit me so well ! I rather prefer to spend a good time with people and show them the mountain I like to spend some time in.


Join us at the shelter to spend some good moments because that's what life's all about !





Since I was a child I have always loved being in the mountains, most of all, because it is a great lifestyle ! Skiing Japanese bottomless powder is one the best adventure to experience if you are always looking for perfect riding conditions.


Having a good time, meeting people and enjoying Japanese culture is the other big part of this adventure.


No stress, let's ride !




 9464-105, Aza Kurashita, Ooaza, Hokujo, Hakuba-Mura, kitaazumi-Gun, Nagano-Ken, 399-9301