Getting to Hakuba

By Bus (From Narita/Haneda Airports to Happo-One)

Nagano Snow Shuttle website.


THE EASIEST way to come to Hakuba

  • It is convenient : You do not have to carry on your luggage around Tokyo
  • It is easy : After your flight arrival, you just have to jump in the bus and when you wake up you are here
  • It is relaxing : If you arrive late at night, they will drop you off directly at the house !!   

By Bus (From Shinjuku Station to Happo-One)

Highway Buses website.


THE CHEAPEST way to come to Hakuba

  • It is cheap: For the small budgets, that's your way to come. It will take you more time though !
  • It is a real Japanese experience: You have to reach Shinjuku Station from Narita Airport. That will be an adventure but a good experience as well ! Shinjuku is among the biggest subway station in the world

By Bullet Train (From Ueno Station to Nagano Station) + Bus ( From Nagano Station to Happo-One)

No website.


THE FASTEST way to come to Hakuba

  • It is THE EXPERIENCE : You can not come to Japan without trying a bullet train
  • It is really fast: After hours of travel, you could be happy to arrive at the house as fast as possible

 9464-105, Hokujo, Hakuba-Mura, kitaazumi-Gun, Nagano-Ken, 399-9301